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Established in 2003 the Richmark Gutter Company are family owned, licensed, bonded and insured. We have been the recipient of Angie’s List “Super Service” award and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Jeff Burgan, the Business Manager, has been involved in the gutter industry for over 20 years! With Jeff’s dedication to customer service and satisfaction, we provide competitively priced, professionally designed, and installed, rain carrying systems to home builders and homeowners located in the central Ohio area.

Our materials and workmanship are top quality, and we stand by it! Richmark guarantees 100-percent customer satisfaction for gutter repair, gutter cleaning, or new gutter installation.

Gutter Experts

Richmark Gutter’s seamless gutter installers are local, licensed, and insured. We offer Quality Workmanship we uphold a tradition of craftsmanship and your 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

About Us

Superior Warranties

At Richmark Gutter Company we provide a 20-year material warranty on gutter and downspout finish a 20-year limited warranty on leaf protection finish and a 5-year labor warranty to ensure the gutter installation was done right.

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What We Do

New Gutter - Downspouts

A reliable gutter system will go a step further toward protecting your home from the elements and will ensure that your siding, trim, and foundation last for years.

Seam & Gutter Repair

Our patented products give you peace of mind by strengthening your gutters and keeping debris out, allowing water to flow freely and the beauty of your home to be maintained.

Gutter Guards

When gutters become clogged by leaves, pine needles and debris, your gutter will overflow causing damage to your landscaping, basement or foundation.

Windows & Doors

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Residential Construction

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Home Builders

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Benefits of Choosing Seamless Gutters

Gutter installation is paramount to the upkeep of your home or business, and there are several materials and styles to consider. If you opt for aluminum gutters, there are two basic designs: sectional and seamless. Many people choose seamless aluminum gutters because of their versatility and ease of use. Homeowners in Northwest Ohio, planning this kind of gutter installation turn to us, Richmark Gutter Company, a locally-owned and family operated company that will ensure your gutters look great and work even better. we specialize in high-end gutter and protection systems.

Here are three benefits of choosing seamless aluminum gutters:

Low Maintenance: The right gutters will do their job without much assistance from the homeowner. Seamless aluminum gutters allow no chance for debris to snag and cause a clog. Leaves, twigs, and other items won’t stick in your gutters, so your system will require less cleaning and maintenance.

Customized Options: Gutters may seem like an insignificant detail of your home’s aesthetic, but the right ones will make a drastic difference in its appearance. Seamless gutters come in a variety of styles and colors that can be customized for a perfect fit and beautiful, clean look. They are valued for their baked-on enamel finish, which eliminates the need for painting.

Cost-Effectiveness: Seamless gutters cost a bit more up front than sectioned gutters, but they’re a more economical long-term choice because they require little maintenance. If you’re looking to save money on gutter installation, seamless aluminum gutters are the best option.

If it’s time to replace the gutters on your home or business, call us Richmark Gutter Company to fit your home or office with seamless gutters. You not only will love the way they look but save time, money and the hassle of upkeep that comes with traditional gutters. To receive a free estimate for gutter replacement or gutter guard installation, contact us for a free estimate today.

Clogs, leaks, and warping can put your home at risk of moisture damage and unsightliness. Custom-fit seamless guttering is a practical solution:

• Seamless gutters are formed from one continuous roll of aluminum

• The material is custom-cut on site to guarantee a perfect fit

• They have no joints, fasteners or other openings to let in water and debris

• The aluminum material holds up for decades versus steel and resists rust

Have a Large Project?

No project is too big or too small. At Richmark Gutter Company we take every job regardless of size. We pride ourselves on quality work, craftsmanship, and we guarantee our work and back it up with a 5-year craftsmanship warranty.

Business Manager

jeff burgan richmark gutters

Jeff Burgan

Business Manager

At Richmark Gutter Company, Jeff is responsible for the oversight and ultimate success of every project. Given his vast experience, he is able to add value to projects from the outset and deliver outstanding results to our clients.

Field Supervisor

Brandon Timmons

Field Supervisor

At Richmark Gutter Company, Brandon has been involved with the installation of all our products for over 16 years. He brings the assurance that all jobs are completed to your satisfaction.


Mark Gifford

Project Estimator

At Richmark Gutter Company, Mark has over 35 years experience in the industry. He can help direct you, in the very best set up of your gutter system, so it looks great and performs correctly, even in the heaviest rains.”


If you have the desire to tackle tough and interesting construction jobs, Richmark Gutter Comapny may be the place for you.


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